Finance, Staff and Administration Committee

This a board committee responsible for all finance, investment and strategic planning matters.

Finance Matters

  • To receive and consider the Sacco’s annual budget and revisions of the same prior to its submission to the AGM for approval.
  • To receive and consider the financial analysis of all proposed major capital developments.
  • To review from time to time and propose amendments if deemed appropriate to the Sacco's procurement and disposal policies and procedures. Ascertaining that all tender awards made by management have complied with the Sacco’s procurement and Disposal procedures.
  • To receive and consider the financial implications of any course of action proposed by the Sacco which involves an expenditure of or a write off of revenue or assets.
  • To review, recommend, do or cause to be done in consultation where necessary with other relevant Board Committees all measures considered necessary to reduce the Sacco's expenditure.
  • To review options for raising capital

Investment Matters

  • To review and give guidelines to management on the investment of Sacco funds and the Saccos adherence to the Investment policies established by law.
  • To review the Sacco’s marketing activities.
  • To review and make recommendations to the board regarding the Sacco's dividend policy.
  • To review the placing of the Sacco's insurance portfolio and options for covering all insurable risks.
  • To report to the Board, its findings and recommendations in all matters listed above, and to undertake any other functions and projects as requested by the Board.

Strategic Planning Matters

  • Ensure the Board is regularly informed about the Sacco's key strategic plans and
  • Review the resources available to management including business plans and financial, operational and human resources required to implement the agreed upon strategy.
  • To oversee annual strategic review planning events involving the Sacco's strategic planning process.
  • To ensure regular reviews of the status of execution against strategic objectives through reviews at Board meetings of product plans, development, execution and customer service.

Current membership includes the following:

  1. Lorna Riasi – Chairperson
  2. Ken Sungu – member
  3. Moses Sirgoi – Member
  4. Johnson Kegohi – Member