Education Committee

This Committee shall be responsible for carrying the role of providing education and training to the members, delegates, staff, management and the board as well as ensuring the Sacco is governed in accordance with its code of corporate governance and all other relevant guidelines.


Keys tasks for the committee include:

  • Identification and determination of education needs to the members, the board, employees.
  • Evaluating training activities to ensure all training remains relevant and beneficial to the Sacco.
  • Fostering good relations between the Board, staff, members, other cooperative supplier and the public.
  • Acquiring literature on behalf of the society, with a view to setting up well stocked library of among other materials the cooperative Act, Rules and By-laws, policies, cooperative texts and journals.
  • Arranging for education and tours in liaison with other members of the board.
  • Advising the board and members in general on matters within their jurisdiction, such as in event of any changes in the policies and legislation.
  • Ensuring that adequate funds have been allocated for education purposes and utilized properly, for the benefit of the whole society.
  • Representing the Sacco in other bodies carrying educational functions.
  • Preparation of educational reports periodically depending on the needs of the society. - Identification, collection and preparation of co-operative news on behalf of the society.

Current membership includes the following:

  1. Johnson Kegohi-Chairman
  2. Joseph Bee- secretary
  3. Marcella Alela- Member
  4. Leonard Mrisha- Member
  5. Ken Nzai- Member
  6. Norman Oduor-Member
  7. Bernard Tole- Member