Credit Committee

The Credit Committee is a board committee established in line with the Reg. 60(8) of the Sacco Societies (Deposit – Taking Sacco Business) Regulations 2010 which is responsible of reviewing and overseeing the overall lending policy of the Sacco Society including to:-


  • Review and oversee the overall lending policy of the Sacco
  • Review lending by the Management Credit Risk Committee including a periodic sampling of processed loan applications to satisfy itself that management is adhering to the lending policies of the Sacco;
  • Ensure that there are effective procedures and resources to identify and manage irregular problem credits, minimize credit loss and maximize recoveries;
  • Direct, monitor, review and consider all issues that may materially impact on the present and future quality of the institution's credit risk management: and
  • Delegate and review lending limits to the sanctioning arms of the institution;
  • Assist the board with discharging its responsibility to review the quality of the Sacco’s loan portfolio and ensuring adequate provisions for bad and doubtful debts in compliance with requirements of the prudential guidelines;
  • Ensure that the credit policy and risk lending limits are reviewed at least on an annual Supervisory

Current membership includes the following:

  1. Victor Nguwah – Chairman
  2. Dennis Mjomba – Member
  3. Marcela Alela – Member
  4. Leonard Mrisha – Member