Customer Service Charter

This customer service charter is our committment to continually improve our products and services and exceed your expectations. It sets out clear service standards, service time frames and how we receive and deal with complaints.

  • Service Delivery Standards

    We commit ourselves to:

    • Answer your telephone calls within 3 rings.
    • Attend to you within ten (10) minutes of your visit.
    • Respond to your correspondence within 48 hours.
    • Treat your concern with confidentiality and privacy.

  • Your Rights

    You have a right to:

    • Enquire or complain when not satisfied with the level of service offered.
    • Refer any service-related issues to a higher office.
    • Offer suggestions that can enable the SACCO provide better services.
    • Courteous and considerate treatment in your transactions with us.

  • Your Responsibility

    To enable us serve you better we expect you to:

    • Treat our staff with courtesy and respect.
    • Provide accurate and complete information.
    • Exercise honesty and integrity when transacting with us.
    • Share with us your feedback.

  • Complaint Escalation

    If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint or how it was handled, you may refer the matter to either of the following:
    Head of Operations: P. O. Box 95011 - 80104 Mombasa, Tel. 0724 002525
    The Chief Executive Officer: P. O. Box 95011 - 80104 Mombasa, Tel. 0735 336685

Time Frames

Over the counter withdrawal/deposit Within 5 Minutes
Cash and cheque deposit Within 5 Minutes
ATM Card application processing Within 3 Weeks
General inquiries Within 5 Minutes
ATM card blocking Within 5 Minutes
Loan statement Within 5 Minutes
Account statement Within 5 Minutes
ATM PIN resetting Within 30 Minutes
Dormant account activation Within 10 Minutes
Internal funds transffer Within 5 Minutes
Request for personal information change Within 30 Minutes
 New Account Opening
 Within 1 Hour
 MSACCO Registration
 Within 1 Hour
 Standing order instruction processing
 Within 10 Minutes
Salary Processing
 Within 1 Hour
RTGS Remittance
 Within 2 Hours
EFT Remittance
 Within 24 Hours
 Emergency Loan Within 30 Minutes
 School Fees Loan Within 30 Minutes
 Three Months Within 30 Minutes
 Six Months Loan Within 30 Minutes
 Twelve Months Loan Within 30 Minutes
 FOSA Development Within One Month
 FOSA Special Within One Month
 FOSA Normal Within One Month
 Nyangumi Loan Within One Month
 Biashara Loan Within One Month